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Packing for your Destination Wedding…


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Besides all of the obvious wedding essentials, what are the two of you packing for your destination holiday? It’s not like you are going to be there for just one or two days. Most brides arrive anywhere from 3 days to a week in advance of their wedding day and most couples will stay on for a few more days to celebrate with their friends and family. That’s a lot of outfits to coordinate. If you’re the kind of couple that cares how you look and how you are coordinated, then this area of packing needs some considerable thought. Are you the planner and packer.

Some brides like to wear white for their entire destination wedding holiday. Some couples want to have a theme to their coordinated outfits. And, some couples don’t care at all. But, now is the time to think this through and see what’s most desirable for the two of you. The last thing that you want is to arrive and be upset about him coming out in that tee shirt that you just absolutely hate.

Start several weeks in advance and make a list of your days and nights there and what you think you’ll be doing on each of those days. Then choose a his and her outfit for each. Be sure to include shoes and accessories. Check with your hotel and wedding planner for any dressier attire needed for any of your dining plans.

By this time you should be good at list making. This is just a reminder of the many packing lists that you’ll need.

You’ll need your send ahead list, which includes your ceremony items, goody bags, any reception special touches and favors. Anything that you can safely send ahead, you should. You’ll need a toiletries list. Make sure you have everything from your makeup to sunscreens, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl and bug spray. Make an electronics list, which includes all of your phones, cameras, chargers, USB cords, laptops, iPad’s, and converters. You may want to label them with your email address, in case you get separated from them. You’ll need your carry on list, which includes your legal documents, current passports, your wedding bands, and your wedding attire. Ask your bridal shop to pack your dress, your veil and your fiancé’s tux so you can carry it on the plane. Anything of value should be with you when you fly. The flight attendant will gladly store your garment bag safely for you. You may want to mention this to your bridal party as well for when they fly.  The “what to do when we arrive list” is essential to pulling off a perfect destination wedding. You should give yourself at least 4 to 5 days prior to the wedding to meet with your wedding coordinator, have your hair and makeup consultations, your food tastings, confirm rain arrangements, rehearsal dinner plans, confirm the final details for the photographer, go over your wedding vows, confirm the details to welcome the bridal party and your guests, and your day-after brunch plans.  Every wedding is different, my lists are just guidelines to help you start thinking. Happy planning!


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