Book your venue, then book your makeup…

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It’s true. Book your venue, then find and book your makeup artist. The reasons for having a makeup artist are clear. This is probably going to be the most photographed day of your life and you’re going to want to look really gorgeous. Don’t even think about doing your own makeup, unless you’re that good and won’t be stressed the day of your wedding. In addition to you, there’s your bridal party. You want them to look beautiful too. And, their makeup should be coordinated just like their dresses. There’s nothing that upsets me more then to see bride’s maids with all different lip colors and different makeup styles and trying to look hotter and more glamorous then the bride.


Step 1 – Book your venue.

Step 2 – Find your makeup artist.

Step 3 – Find your hair stylist.


Finding a fabulous makeup artist is harder then finding a great hair stylist. It’s a bit of a numbers game. Think about it. You walk into any salon and you see lots of stylists doing hair. How many stylists are applying makeup? There are just not as many to choose from. So my advice is to find the makeup artist you want and then see who the hair stylists are at that salon

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