Bridal Braid Ideas

Bridal Braids rein supreme…


Girl with beautiful  braid hairstyle, rear view

Bridal braids speak absolute romance. There are so many gorgeous looks to enhance your beauty on your big day. Braided bridal “dos” are all the rage and there are so many to choose from. Besides that each braided “do” is a work of art and utterly romantic, I love that it’s a wise choice for many misbehaving hair tresses especially in hot, humid climates.


Check out Pinterest or Google for more options.

Here are a few ideas:

Twisted tresses with soft braids throughout

Blondes add texture to a breezy beachy look

Polished, bold and braided

Bohemian bridal inspiration

Bangs pulled back into braids

Braided floral crown

Braided crown

Braided Chignon

Fishtail braid


If you want to be a braided bride, ask your stylist, which braided looks, is part of their repertoire. I find that stylists are usually best at styles they already know.  Better not to get all twisted trying to learn a new braid on the day of your wedding.


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