There’s a lot more than meets the eye in Cancun. Known around the world as an exhilarating tropical hotspot, this resort town is also home to pristine nature preserves and awe-inspiring ancient archeological sites. Cancun’s crystalline blue waters provide a breathtaking backdrop to your nuptials and an excellent place for your guests to enjoy some fun in the sun. It’s true that your wedding party can have every amenity at their fingertips, from top-notch Cancun all-inclusive resorts to luxe boutique shopping. But you’ll also get the chance to scuba dive the Maya Reef, the second largest reef in the world, or make a day trip to Chichen Itza, ruins surrounded by wild jungle. Whatever your Cancun destination wedding wishes are, this idyllic locale promises to deliver.



Getting married in Cancun will require some documentation. You and your bride or groom-to-be will need to supply your valid passports, originals and copies of your birth certificates translated by an authorized translator, and death and divorce certificates if applicable.

  • AREA CODE:998
  • CURRENCY:The Mexican peso. U.S. dollars are accepted in most places, though.
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish is Mexico’s official language, but English is widely understood in tourist areas.
  • ELECTRICITY:120 volts, 60 cycles. Bring a power surge protector for your computer.
  • WEATHER: The year round average temperature in Cancun is80 degrees
  • GETTING AROUND:Taxis are unmetered, charge by Zone, and are generally expensive. You can take a bus along the main avenue of the Hotel Zone for a few pesos.
  • GETTING THERE: Flights are convenient from most major US airports. The approximate flight times are: New York:5 hours Boston:5.5 hours Philadelphia: 4 hours Miami: 2 hours Atlanta: 3 hours Baltimore: 4 hours Los Angeles: 5 hours Chicago: 3.5 hours Houston: 2.5 hours Denver: 4 hours
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES:Hotels are especially large so you’ll walk a lot. Also, they usually stand a good distance from the main road where bus stops are located.
  • BRING SUNSCREEN:The sun is very strong and you can get a bad burn in a short time.
  • DON’T LOSE YOUR TOURIST CARD:The remainder of the Tourist Card you receive upon arrival has to be turned in when you leave the country. Keep it with your Passport.

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