Luke and Jessica in Riviera Cancun

The beautiful beach wedding of Luke and Jessica took place at the luxurious Secrets Capri .   This elegant fairytale wedding would make any bride’s dream come true.  The rose petal runners led to the magnificent wedding gazebo where the joyful couple exchanged their handwritten vows.

The magic continued with a reception fit for this Prince and his Princess.  Floating candles in the pool, ice sculptures, and a gourmet dinner, one could just feel the love in the air.

This was truly a gorgeous and magical day for a couple whose wedding embodied everything a wedding is about:  friends, family, and love.  How fitting that it concluded with a splendor of fireworks.


Now, the secret is out, Secrets Capri is one of the most romantic spots where you can  marry in the Riviera Cancun


This Destination Wedding Was Planned by:

Nancy Barkley

Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways

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