Perfect Gift for the Holidays


Everyone knows someone who has gotten engaged or is planning on being engaged around the holidays. Look no further for the perfect gift. The Complete Guide To Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding by Sonal J. Shah offers expert tips and advice that every bride should know.

From “Getting Started” to “Putting It All Together”, this book is a plethora of knowledge of what to do and what not to do. From sample invitation drafts to how to pick your decor for each event, our book has it all!

Our favorite chapter is all about the food. Picking the perfect menu for each event is no easy task. Our book guides you in putting together a creative and thoughtful menu without repetition. You and your guests will surly remember the culinary experience of a lifetime!

Grab your copy today before it sells out!

“I wish every bride had the opportunity to hire a celebrity event planner like Sonal J. Shah. However, I believe the next best thing is owning her amazing book, The Complete Guide to Planning the Perfect South Asian Wedding. I cannot stress enough how vital her tips on organization even down to the smallest detail are in producing a smooth stunning wedding day. The common mistakes a bride can make can be completely avoided by Sonal’s 700 plus wedding well of wisdom. Sonal made my day perfect and left me with an everlasting memory. I am so glad that Sonal took the time to put all her years of knowledge into one treasure filled book. You will not regret this purchase!”
– Reshma Shetty, Actress


“Essential for every Indian bride and a must read for every planner, Sonal J Shah, celebrity wedding planner, walks you through exactly what you need for a memorable, successful Indian wedding.”

– Shawna Gohel, Maharani Weddings
“This was a lifesaver when I was planning my wedding. My family is very secular, although culturally Hindu. This book helped me understand all of the rituals and how to plan for them in a way that was easy to follow and understand. So glad I ordered it!!!”

“This book is absolutely amazing! I began planning my wedding with my head spinning, after reading this book I was able to better manage my time and figure out what I needed to get done! It truly does offer expert tips that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else!! This is a must buy for anyone getting married!”

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